The Twin Wars, or Where Might a Career in Ballroom Dancing Lead?

By Daniel Calloway Editor’s note: At NCDC each year we make a point to host ‘cookies with the pros’, a Q&A session for competitors and spectators to ask any questions they like of our all-star judging panel. Since we weren’t able to have our ‘cookies with the pros’ this year, we’ve decided to share someContinue reading “The Twin Wars, or Where Might a Career in Ballroom Dancing Lead?”

Tips for Dancing after College

By Seth Westlake Finding a Committed Partner, or Continuing on with One Finding a committed partner can often be the hardest step. It can be difficult—and at times, almost impossible—to find someone who meets all of your competitive criteria. There’s the time large time commitment, including practice, coaching, travel, and days at competition. There’s theContinue reading “Tips for Dancing after College”

Healthy Dancing

By Jessica Doro Dancing can be incredibly beneficial to a person’s health, both mentally and physically. To gain the greatest health benefits from dance, however, one must also maintain healthy dance habits. Having been a dancer for several years, I have had my fair share of pain and injury, but I hope to continue dancingContinue reading “Healthy Dancing”