The NCDC Big Reminders Email – 2019

Hello, Wonderful Dancers!

NCDC is just a week away! In preparation for that, we’ve put together our ‘big e-mail of reminders’. If you registered your team, please share this with them.  It’s sorted by importance, and the key points are in bold. If you think it’ll apply to you, you can read the details. If not, skip to the next point.  We’re so excited to see you soon!

Super Important (Please Read):

First, the fun news: Don’t forget to sign up for private lessons starting today! You can take lessons with our adjudicators for just $60 at the scheduled seminar breaks throughout the competition. This is a rare opportunity to take lessons with national champions and finalists at introductory-lesson prices. You can check out all the details at the same location the google form is located: judges-and-officials/.

We will be hosting a check-in period on Friday Night. Registration will be from 7:30 PM to 10PM in the Logan Arts Center Room 802. This is walking distance from the venue, but it will be easier to park nearer to the Logan Arts Center.

 Venue Information: Our venue is the Kovler Gymnasium at the Chicago Laboratory Schools. Google maps can provide you directions: . Please note that S Kenwood Avenue south of E. 58th street is there for busses only. You should be able to access the venue on foot from either E. 58th street or E. 59th street.

Reminder: Parking is free. There should be ample street parking around the venue. We strongly advise searching there first before resorting to nearby parking ramps. Busses can drop off students at the cul-de-sac on S. Kenwood Ave, but may not park there. There are no hotel shuttles this year.  

Food and Beverages Logistics: There are no particular food and beverage restrictions with our venue. Feel free to bring food and beverages. We are on a campus, so there are plenty of interesting places within walking distance to eat.  The program will have a food map inside. We intend to schedule lunch and dinner breaks, though they will be shorter this year to keep the pace of the event flowing.

This all said, we appreciate if you would be careful where you eat any sticky foods or drinks. We want to leave the venue better than where we found it. Please use napkins and paper towels to prevent and clean up messes. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation.

Don’t forget your student ID, your proof of USA Dance membership, and checkbook as appropriate! We need to confirm each of these things before you are able to check in. If you can have these items available as you are in line, the process will go that much faster!

Very Important:

Set up and send us your team matches! You can enter multiple groups of 8, so long as they consist of 8 unique individuals across all of your teams. We will be enforcing the ‘protected proficiency’ dances, so we must know who is dancing which dance.

Costumes rules will be enforced! Costumes are not allowed in newcomer and bronze. These are defined as costumes with rhinestones or floats built for the purpose of competitive dancing. For gentlemen, full tail suits or smooth suits are also considered costumes. We don’t like being the bad cop, but we do not want the experience for the newest members of our community to become one of haves and have-nots. We’re not going to go after you for sparkles on your shoe buckles, but we do ask for your cooperation in making the experience as fair and enjoyable as possible for the newest members of our community.

Ladies shoes will require heel protectors. If you have these, great! If not, we’ll have some suede heel protectors on hand that we can provide you.

TBA couples should come to the event at doors open to sort out their registration if they do not have a partner by the day of the event! We have been diligently working to find pairs amongst the TBA entries and should be able to help facilitate finding you a partner. However, to do that, we need to have enough time to get you registered and paired with a partner before your events begin!

Good to Know:

The schedule outline and rough order of events is up on the website at . Our exacting schedule will go up on O2CM, and when it is ready we will put an announcement on our facebook page 

Be sure to read the program, which includes the NCDC Anthology – Volume 2! It’s filled with articles and content from members of the community about continuing on in DanceSport. We hope you enjoy it!

Reminder: Paying before you get to the venue makes your registration process easier. You can pay on o2cm by selecting a package and proceeding from there. Email us if you have any questions!

That’s all for now. Just one week left! See you soon!

Happy Dancing,

The NCDC Team

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