Why Go To NCDC

Your time and money is precious.  As we’re asking you to spend it with us, we felt it right to provide you with good reasons for you to attend:

  • Our event is committed to the joy of dance:  Our event is specifically built with this in mind, with ample fun dances and diversions throughout the day. Last year we had mixers, an Easter egg hunt, cookies with the pros (a Q&A with the judges), and some ridiculous fun dances. Seriously, where was the last event you saw pros wear bunny ears?


  • By the student, for the student: Our event is organized by a volunteer staff of almost exclusively current students, recent graduates, or active professionals who give back by teaching at local colleges.


  • We believe that only the best is good enough for our participants: Last year we  ran judging panels twice the size of a typical college competition for almost every event. In addition to our judging panel being US Champions, World Finalists, or coaches to champions, our judging panel was evenly distributed across lead and follow and across all styles.  We raised enough donations to provide scholarships and gifts to finalists in virtually every heat and provide thousands of dollars in financial assistance to teams that needed it.  In addition, we provided participation gifts to every participant and free professional-quality photography.  This year we expect to provide the very same benefits to you.


  • You get to learn and grow: Each year we have at least four workshop sessions for participants divided by skill level.  These workshops were graciously taught by our judging panel (the one made up of US champions and world finalists).  No matter how you do at this event, you get to walk away with the knowledge you need to help take your dancing to the next level.  The judges also generously provided private lessons to interested participants at $60 per lesson. If you get a chance, we would highly recommend you take an opportunity to grab one.


  • National titles are awesome:  Not everyone spends their weeks working hard to get to a place where they can attend a national championship. The event can serve as a great capstone to your year – something you or your team can build its calendar around.  Pro-tip: being a National quarter-finalist, semi-finalist, finalist, or champion looks very good on one’s resume when it is time to apply for jobs.


We hope you’ll be able to join us!

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