General Information

The National Collegiate DanceSport Championship is a fun-filled, team-based DanceSport competition where:

  • Participants and spectators alike enjoy an atmosphere of friendliness, comradery, and fun!
  • College teams and competitors vie for both national rankings and titles
  • Alumni can support their alma-maters and demonstrate that one’s passion for ballroom doesn’t have to end with college
  • Participants and spectators of all levels of experience learn and grow from special seminars held throughout the weekend by top level professionals.

About the Event

The USA Dance National Collegiate Championships revolve around both partnership events and overarching team scores. Couples compete in groups of dances in varying styles and at various levels of proficiency. The performance of couples from each team will be aggregated throughout the event and displayed as national team rankings.

The event is most proud of its inclusive, fun-filled, and team-oriented atmosphere. The volunteers are friendly, the emcees are upbeat, the music is lively, and the cheer team with its cheer team captains will be excited to greet competitors as they leave the floor with beaming smiles, high fives, and bear hugs.

The 2020 championships have been postponed due to the Coronavirus. Please see the main page for the full announcement.

Preliminary Schedule:

Saturday Day Session

  • 06:30 AM Welcome! Registration Opens
  • 08:00 AM Bronze/Gold Smooth
  • 10:00 AM Newcomer/Silver/Collegiate Open Smooth**
  • 12:00 PM Lunch Break! 
  • 12:30 PM Workshop & Private Session – Cookies with the Pros!
  • 01:10 PM Bronze/Gold Latin
  • 02:40 PM Workshop & Private Session
  • 03:30 PM Newcomer/Silver/Collegiate Open Latin**
  • 05:00 PM Dinnertime! See you soon!

Saturday Evening Session

  • 06:15 PM Formation & Performance Teams
  • 06:30 PM Adult Open Rhythm/Latin
  • 07:40 PM American Team Match*
  • 08:00 PM Adult Open Smooth/Standard

Sunday Day Session

  • 07:00 AM Welcome! Special Sunday Workshop
  • 08:00 AM Bronze/Gold Rhythm
  • 10:00 AM Newcomer/Silver/Collegiate Open Rhythm**
  • 12:00 PM Lunch Break!
  • 12:30 PM Workshop & Private Session – Leaders Lunch!  
  • 01:10 PM Bronze/Gold Standard
  • 02:40 PM Workshop & Private Session
  • 03:40 PM Newcomer/Silver/Collegiate Open Standard**
  • 05:00 PM International Team Match
  • See you at NCDC 2021!

*Note: The American Team Match will start no later than 8:30 PM regardless of how late the event runs. This is so we can have syllabus dancers finished by nine and let them get sleep for tomorrow morning.

 **Note: After the first round of Newcomer there will be a short seminar on the lower level about the fundamentals of dance.  This is so that those who find themselves with extra time have the opportunity to learn and apply things in their future rounds. 

Hotel Information:

Chicago Lakeshore
4900A S Lakeshore Dr.
Chicago, IL
Free Parking
$89 plus tax
Breakfast not included
Group rate available until March 2, 2020, Ask for USA Dance group rate

LaQuinta Lakeshore
4900A S Lakeshore Dr.
Chicago, IL
Free Parking
Breakfast included
$119 plus tax
Group rate available until Feb 11, 2020, ask for USA Dance group rate

Phone: (773) 324-3000
Reservation code: CGUDNC  

Carlton Inn Midway
4944 S. Archer Ave.
Chicago, IL
Free Parking
Breakfast included
Shuttle to Midway Airport
$115 plus tax
Price available until Feb 27, 2020, ask for USA Dance NCDC group rate
Phone: (773) 582-0900

For any questions or issues making reservations, contact
Christine Zona
Phone: (412) 716-4416

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Late-March?

The USA Dance National Collegiate DanceSport Championships are intended to be a capstone for the academic year. We realize that due to the sheer size of the United States it is impossible to choose a location that is perfect for everyone. However, we believe that Chicago represents an excellent central location to allow competitors from all regions to participate. It remains within a reasonable driving distance for many competitors and has low-cost flying options through O’Hare and Midway airports – especially if you book early.

We realize, however, that it is significantly more expensive for those coming from far away. If your team will travel more than 500 miles to the competition you may be eligible for need based financial assistance.  Let us know your situation by contacting us at and we’ll work hard to make your attendance possible! Assistance will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis, so please contact us soon.

Do I have to be a member of USA Dance to participate?

Nope! USA Dance members will receive a discount though. As a reminder, USA Dance membership actually saves the average college dancer money so you should check out the benefits and consider joining.

This sounds awesome! But it’s too expensive for my partner/team. How can we attend?

Our goal is to provide a competition experience that is affordable and valuable for everyone. We’ve decided to keep entry costs low and hold them below the original event held in Columbus. Below are some additional ways you can save:

Travel Assistance: If you’re travelling from far away (500+ miles), contact us for possible need based travel assistance.

Membership: You might take a look at the membership benefits for being a member of USA Dance. This typically knocks a good chunk off of competition travel expenses due to hotel and rental car discounts, among many others. Plus, you will save $10 off your registration at NCDC.

Need Based Assistance: Lastly, if none of this will be enough, please feel free to contact us! We have set aside a pool of funding for financial assistance, and will be providing it to various teams on a need-basis. Depending on your situation, we may be able to provide scholarship to cover part or all of your lodging and travel expenses. Since the event is designed to break-even, we can’t provide assistance to everyone, but we’ll do what we can to help!

USA Dance also hosts the USA Dance National Amateur Championships each year. What are the differences, and which should I attend?

The USA Dance National Amateur Championships are held each year and are for all dancers of all ages. The USA Dance National Collegiate DanceSport Championships are for college students and those alumni still actively present in the college teams/circuit. There is no qualifying requirement for the USA Dance National Collegiate DanceSport Championships, but there is a requirement to qualify at a USA Dance National Regional Qualifying Event (NQE) for the USA Dance National Amateur Championships.

We’re a little biased, but if you have a choice, you should do both. They’re both great events. Being a United States Collegiate Champion for a given style and division is pretty snazzy and looks great on a resume. However, the USA Dance National Amateur Championships features the best competition on the brightest stage. We know a significant number of couples who already have committed to do both, so you’ll certainly have company.

Regardless of what you choose, you can’t go wrong.

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