Our Judging Panel

Attention Dancers! The google form to sign up for private lessons is now available here. We look forward to seeing you soon!

NCDC is proud to announce our judging panel for this year’s competition! We have an amazing mix of adjudicators and officials from all over the country including Dean Abraham, Inna Brayer, Daniel Calloway, Hannah Cole, Wayne Crowder, Melissa Dexter, Dana Edwards, Trevor Luff, Patti Panebianco, Ross Pearce, Maja Serve, Giacomo Steccaglia, Yuehwern Yih, Christine Zona, and Daniel Dilley! We are grateful to them for participating in this year’s NCDC and helping us foster our love for collegiate dancing.

Our panel of adjudicators includes National Champions, multiple World and National Professional Finalists, and highly respected coaches and adjudicators from across the country. More information about our judging panel can be found at http://panel.o2cm.com/?event=ncc.

As part of the National Collegiate DanceSport Championships, we will be offering participants the opportunity to take part in free workshops and deeply discounted private lessons with members of the judging panel. Our adjudicator panel includes multiple national champions (panel.o2cm.com/?event=ncc), so we highly recommend that competitors take advantage of this excellent opportunity.

The workshops and lessons will be offered in four blocks throughout both competition days, midway through each syllabus session. This means that it will be easier for competitors and participants to participate in the workshops and lessons. The workshops will be free, and private lessons will only cost $60 per lesson. As many of our adjudicators can bill at two to three times that amount, this is an exciting and rare opportunity. On Sunday March 24th at 2PM Central, we will be putting a google form on our website at the top of this page. Lessons will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis, and payment will be required upon arrival at the event. We will contact participants individually to confirm their lessons. If demand greatly exceeds supply, we will do our best to create additional times for competitors to get their lessons in.

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