NCDC 2021 – Welcome Letter

Hello Wonderful Competitors!

We want to thank you for participating in the Virtual National Collegiate DanceSport Championships, and we are so excited to see your dancing! Before we give you all you need to submit your videos, we have a few surprises for you.

We know this last year has been challenging, so we’ve thought hard about how we can thank you for continuing and preserving through these tough times. Though these are small gestures, we hope they make your experience worthwhile:

  1. We’re pleased to announce thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor that each heat provides scholarship to the top five scores. Couples events have $20 for places 1-5 ($10 per person), and Solo events have $10 for places 1-5 (…also $10 per person). 
  2. We’re also pleased to announce that each competitor is entitled to one free post-event critique each.  So, once you’re done looking at your scores, pick a dance you want more information about, pick a judge, submit that to us in a form we’ll provide after we post results and you’ll get 3-5 sentences about that video from that judge.
  3. One of you was kind enough to point out that you might get PTSD from scores scaled like a test, so we rescaled them from 0 – 100 to 0 – 10, which should make scores feel more intuitive (5 = the average, in your academic career 50 can be thought of as failing). That’s all. Scores are just divided by 10 from before. If you want to review that, you can check all that out at our judging breakdown.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to submit your videos.

1. Participation Waiver.

Before you begin dancing, please read the Participation Waiver (at the end of the Video Submission Form). Proceed only if you understand and agree to the terms detailed in the Participation Waiver. You will be required to agree to the terms detailed in the Participation Waiver before our judges can score your dancing.

2. Record your videos and upload them to Youtube.

The music you can use can be found in this google sheet:

If they say there was a copyright claim upon uploading your video, don’t panic! These songs were tested to make sure that they won’t cause muted sound on upload. You just can’t monetize the videos. That is why we are asking you to use these songs specifically. We have provided some music links via youtube and some via spotify, depending on how you wish to play your music. Feel free to use a different media player when you record your videos than the one we linked, just so long as it is the same song/artist.

Record each dance as a separate video and upload your videos to Youtube. Each dance will need to be uploaded as a separate video. You can record your dancing as many times as you like, so upload your favorite version for the judges to critique. You might check out some posts we wrote (here, here, here) for some ideas about how to record. After uploading, please ensure video permissions are set to “unlisted” or “public” so the judges can view your dancing. As a reminder, we will be making your submissions and those of your competitors available to everyone so you can see how everyone in your heats did!

3. Complete the Competitor Form.

The Competitor Entry Submission Form is below. Please confirm your competitor and entry information at the top of the form. At the bottom of the form, enter the link to your Youtube video for that entry and confirm that you agree to terms detailed in the Participation Waiver. 

Please submit a completed Competitor Entry Form for each International Standard/Latin Style dance (so, one dance per form) by 11:59 PM, March 24th, 2021. Please submit a completed Competitor Entry Form for each American Smooth/Rhythm Style dance (again, one dance per form) by 11:59 PM, March 31st, 2021. To make your lives easy, we’ve decided to permit you to submit all styles already. They will still be judged based on the schedule posted at .

Your Competitor Entry Form Link:

5. Competition Fees.

Before judges can judge your videos, you will need to pay the competition fees through Ballroom Comp Express, so if you have not done that already make sure to do it as soon as possible! Unless you’ve made arrangements with us in advance, payment will be due at the end of the video submission window for the relevant style.

6. Common Mistakes.

To save you the heartbreak of being unable to be judged, we’ve compiled a helpful list of tips and things to make sure you do to avoid issues. 

  • Please check your videos to make sure they’re how you want them. For example, that you can hear audio, that it isn’t rotated so it’s upside down, etc.
  • Please label the video with the level, style, and dance you are submitting. This will make it easier for us to make sure that we can correct accidental submissions of the wrong dance.
    • If you are comfortable with it, we suggest leaving your videos as public and on the same youtube account. This will let us check what videos you have prepared and can make sure the right videos are in the right places without having to bother you for new links.
  • Please check your form to make sure the video link you submitted is in fact the correct video you want to submit.
  • Once it’s submitted, you can check your submissions are how you want them here:
  • Please submit your entry only once, even in the event you and a partner both receive forms. If you make an ‘oops’ with your submission, edit the form you already submitted or contact us at

If you have any issues, questions, or concerns, please contact us at

Happy Dancing!

The NCDC Organizing Team

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