Coming Soon: USA Dance National Collegiate Ballroom Championships 2032 remain combined with the USA National Ballroom DanceSport Championships

2023’s event will be held March 17th-19th in St. Louis. More details will follow in the coming months, but you can expect many details to remain the same (College events Sat/Sunday, etc.). You can check out the 2022 information, left on this site, for an idea of how the event worked last year. We will announce when the information is updated for 2023 and note it on the website accordingly!

Information From 2022:

Hoo boy, did we miss seeing everyone these last couple of years.  The excitement of the crowd, the awesome moves you all come up with during the team match, judges deciding to do the limbo with a tray of cookies… it’s always more fun in person.  That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we get to be together again… in more ways than one!

This year’s event features all the great benefits we’re famous for, including:

  • Hyper-competitive heats – first-rounds and second-rounds with participants from coast to coast
  • Free Seminars for college students, as well as Private Lessons available from Nationally acclaimed and World acclaimed dancers
  • Two raucous team matches with almost $5,000 in scholarship awarded to the top 12 teams. We’re even getting earplugs for the spectators this year!
  • A night show filled with top college students from around the country
  • Our annual surprise participation gift
  • …and of course, our traditional irreverence (see below) and hospitality!
That one time we played ‘hungry hungry hippos’ for pairs of dance shoes…

Not only are we able to celebrate in person with you, we’ll be able to celebrate with our fellow dancers at the joint 2022 USA Dance National Ballroom DanceSport Championships + National Collegiate DanceSport Championships. A unique set of circumstances has permitted us to set things up so you not only vie for your Collegiate titles – you also automatically get to participate in the Amateur National Adult events over the same weekend.   This means you also get:

  • A shot at both collegiate and amateur titles in the same weekend – saving you time and money
  • The option to add even more dancing than you normally get at any other event – up to twice as much!
  • An immaculately organized event – run by Ann Durocher and her legendary team from around the country.
  • Social dancing in the early evening on Friday!
  • An amazing venue befitting the combined stakes
  • Alumni are able to attend and compete with their former teammates even if they are not in Open levels – they just simply compete alongside you in the adult categories
  • Interact with, dance with, and cheer on your fellow dancers from all ages – from the 7-year-olds that put our dancing to shame to the 70-year-olds we aspire to move like when we’re that age.
  • Even more top talent – including a show with world level talent. Entry to spectate into any day and night session is just $10!
  • Even more workshops
  • Even more scholarships, prizes, stipends and more. At last count, we expect we will break at least $60,000 in total value of travel stipends to WDSF, scholarships, financial assistance, and prizes awarded to all amateurs!

We look forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh on April 1st through April 3rd, 2022. Check out the rest of our website for all the wonderful details of this year’s great event, and contact ncdc@usadance.org if you have any questions!

P.S. The Seniors told us to tell you they want you to bring your best cheering. They’re looking to beat you at cheering on your teammates and their fellow dancers. Don’t let them win!