Bring Your Friends

Looking to convince your team, teammates, friends, or family to come? We hope the below help!


A picture is worth a thousand words, so videos have to be worth a whole lot more! We hope the following two videos help you show someone what the event is like. Credits to CMU Ballroom for both videos.

NCDC Promo Video
Team Match - Mambo Quarterfinal

Reasons to Come to NCDC

Here are the top five reasons why someone should join you at NCDC 2024.

Join your Fellow Dancers from Across the Country

Each year we have college competitors from the North, South, East, West, and everywhere in between. Come meet your fellow dancers and share experiences and memories with them. We have a social dance on Friday night where you can meet fellow collegiate, competitive, and social dancers of all ages across the country.

Some of the Largest Heats in the Country

A perk of having so many competitors from so many places is that our heats are among the largest in the country. You can enjoy the fun and the challenge of earning each callback!

National Titles and Rankings

Becoming a National Finalist or a National Champion can be the capstone of your efforts as a college dancer. Plus, being a National quarter-finalist or semi-finalist never looks bad on a resume (seriously – put it on there).

Access to Workshops

Learn skills and techniques that will help you take your dancing to the next level. Our workshops are taught by national-level or international-level instruction!

Evening Sessions Featuring International-Level Talent

Be inspired by the best of the best as they compete to become the US representatives at World Championships!


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Sample Letters

Cat got your tongue?  Check out these example letters you can send for ideas on how to speak to your team or encourage others to financially support your efforts to attend!

Securing Support & Financial Assistance

We’ve put together a whole page you can send to your friends and family to encourage them to help ease the costs of attendance.  Don’t forget to also check out our own financial assistance information, if that is a barrier to participation.