Spectating at NCDC

Attending in Person

Nothing beats watching your friends and family compete in the National Championships!

Spectator tickets will be sold in advance at a discount. The pricing information is now available, and you can purchase them at the USA Dance webstore. You are able to purchase them for individual sessions or purchase a weekend pass.  While you can also purchase tickets at the door, we strongly encourage you to purchase in advance and recieve the discount.  A pro tip for college teams – you can bundle spectator tickets with their competitor registrations on o2cm and grab the discount for your family members.


As volunteer hours permit, we intend to livestream the event each day. Our livestreams can be found on the USA Dance YouTube channel on the days of the event.  Feel free to participate in the chat – our emcee does check out the feed and provide your cheers to the competitors!

A Request for our Wonderful Family and Friends

We know that many who choose to spectate NCDC are family, friends, and former teammates of our fantastic collegiate dancers.  Many have asked us how they can support the competitors they are rooting for. To help you, we have put together a page of ways you can Support the Dancers.

For example, we know some schools make direct financial donations to specific clubs difficult. If you are a parent or friend who wishes to donate to help a specific school attend we may be able to facilitate that support if it is for attending NCDC.

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If you are in a position in life to give back, please consider checking out how you can Support the Dancers. Our mission is to make sure they have a great time, and past contributions have made a huge difference in experience of our dancers.