Financial Assistance

We know college students have limited resources at their disposal.  That is why our mission is help as many students as possible attend the event.

Fundraising Guide

Use our fundraising guide to help fundraise for your team. This advice can help your team attend competitions beyond NCDC, and we hope it helps your team grow!

P.S. This is part of a larger Guide for Colleges USA Dance has put together. Feel free to check out the rest!

Fundraising Opportunity - Consignment

If your team has dresses or other clothing in good condition it no longer wishes to keep, consider selling them at our Consignment to raise funds for your team for future years.

Financial Assistance

For teams that are coming from far away and/or financially strapped, we have a limited amount of financial assistance that is available. $25/person can be provided to teams of 8 or more coming from 250 miles away or more, and $25/person can be provided to teams that can state a clear case of financial need for some or all their members. If your team qualifies for both, you can receive up to $50/person! These funds are issued on a first come, first serve basis. You can apply for funds by filling out our financial assistance form. Some funds are available only until December 31st, so don’t hesitate to plan your trip before the end of the fall term!

Since funds are limited, please only apply if your team truly needs the assistance.

In limited instances, donors to USA Dance have been willing to provide additional funds to permit teams to attend. While we cannot promise any donors will provide additional funds, contact us at if your team has a special case it wants to be considered. Our team is happy to explain the process and see what can be done!

Volunteers Wanted!

We provide donations to teams who volunteer to help run the event. Teams receive $75 for every 8 hours team members chose to volunteer. This includes laid-back jobs such as manning the livestream (letting you sit and watch the action), monitoring the study room, and taking tickets. If you provide your request to our volunteer coordinator early, they may be able to commit to you the shifts you need to fundraise a target number. Check out our list of volunteer positions and contact our volunteer coordinator to arrange any hours your team wants to work!

Ask For Help!

Consider asking for support from your family and friends! We’ve got a page on the website you can send people to support the dancers, and we also have a draft letter you can send to your family and friends for those that want to ask them directly.

Your Institution might also have funds they reserve for groups attending their national championships. Contact us if they need an official letter from USA Dance certifying that you are invited to attend!

Logistics Advice

We are always willing to help a team review their plans to attend and try to help them cut costs. contact us at if you want veteran travel coordinators of multiple teams to give you any advice!