NCDC 2024

Double the Nationals - Double the Fun!

The USA Dance National Collegiate DanceSport Championships are combined with the USA Dance National Ballroom DanceSport Championships. This lets you compete simultaneously for collegiate and adult titles!

The College Package Offers More

No hard-entry limit. Dance one level of college events and the same level of adult age category.

Not enough? Earn qualifying status and compete in two levels of college events and the same two levels of adult. This is twice as much dancing as your typical collegiate competition!

Improved National Rankings

Updated formula to improve parity

We’re increasing the points participants receive for reaching the final compared to receiving callbacks. This will reduce the correlation between team size and rankings in the overall rankings category.

Updates throughout each session

At multiple times throughout the event, we will provide an update on team rankings. Now teams can find out how they’re doing and how close they are to moving up the ladder!

New Awards

Top Team Finalists will receive a certificate your team can frame and display on campus. We’ll provide a copy-file so your team members can make a copy to frame themselves!

Financial Assistance

If you want to be here, we want you to be here.

Workshops and Camps

We will continue to provide workshops throughout the event for free to college students. If you wind up with some downtime, be sure to hop into them!

Quality of Life Improvements

We’re always looking to improve the experience for our competitors. Check out some of the improvements we’re making this year!

More relaxed costume rules

Team Match on Saturday Night will have its callback rounds faster

More callback screens

TBA and Team-Match-Buddy Forms Available